Healthy Diet for Skin Beauty

Healthy Diet for Skin Beauty

Healthy diet always plays an important role to provide all vital nutrients to maintain body’s health and beauty. Skin beauty cannot be achieved without balanced diet and physical exercise which may be termed as healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin A and B

For healthy hair and eyes vitamin A  is a vital element of balanced diet. It also prevents and clears of skin infections. Vitamin A has an ability to countervail skin dryness, skin wrinkling and dandruff. It promotes glowing skin by maintaining healthy blood circulation. Food that is rich in vitamin B makes your hair shiny.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C produces collagen; an important body secretion works like glue to hold you and your skin together and prevents sags and wrinkles. Vitamin C also controls skin dryness, premature facial expression lines, wrinkles and hair loss.  Kiwi fruit is the perfect source of vitamin C. Other good sources are oranges, mango, honeydew and papaya.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been proved helpful in forming new muscles and tissues in order to prevent wrinkles and expression line of the face; also slows down the aging process. It is equally beneficial in preventing dullness and dryness of skin, falling of hair and dandruff. It helps to improve blood circulation and healing of wounds and scars. Vitamin E helps to ease the swelling and redness related with sunburns.

Importance of Copper

Your diet is a main source to provide all required essential nutrients required for your health and beauty.  Copper is essential to produce skin pigment and prevent of bloches under skin formed due to damaged blood vessels. And conjoined with other nutrients, it preserves the integrity of fiber elasticity for skin support.

Requirement of Protein

To keep nails strong and moisturized by eating loads of protein. Protein helps in the buildup of keratin. It is fact that epidermis cannot absorb protein molecules into the underlying tissues, so it is essential to furnish protein through the diet you take daily. To remove stain from the enamel of your teeth eat crunchy foods like apples and celery. Almonds are known for their anti-aging qualities. Almonds also contain antioxidant selenium. Do not too many of them as they will add calories.

Water is Life

Water is important to clear the system of all toxins and keep the blood free from defilement. Drink as much as water as you can, as it freshen your skin and makes in glow. It is also helpful to clear pimples and acne of the skin. Although water is calories vehicle but it should be taken in large amounts. Approximately six to eight glasses are to be drunk daily to keep the skin hydrated.

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