7 Tips to Help Relieve Migraines and Headaches


Any individual that has suffered from a migraine or headache knows that it is important to find relief as quickly as possible. While everybody has their own ideas on how to relieve migraines and headaches, the following tips are commonly known and are most likely to provide the best results.
1. Eat a Light Meal or a Snack

most people don't realize that low blood sugar can cause a severe headache and even a migraine, so it is often advisable to eat a light meal or snack to help provide relief. Fresh fruits will provide a quick boost to blood sugar and are often the most common type of foods suggested by doctors. Detox diets for migraine headaches are definitely a very good way for relief.

2. Turn out the Lights

Bright lights can quickly cause the pain of a migraine or headache to intensify dramatically and a dark quiet place is often the best location to recuperate. Individuals should attempt to stay indoors and out of the sunlight if their pain is worsened by bright light.

3. Soak in the Tub or Take a Shower

many headaches are caused by tight muscles that simply need to be relaxed and an excellent way to do this is to take a hot shower or a long bath. The steam also provides some assistance with relaxation and there are now even bath beads available that are designed to relieve migraines and headaches.

4. Use Hot Packs or Ice Packs

another appropriate way to attempt to release taught muscles and joints is to utilize hot packs or ice packs in key areas. The ice pack can be used to assist with the pain, whereas the hot pack can be used to relieve tension. Increased or improved blood flow has been proven to help relieve both migraines and headaches.

5. Take a Nap

some migraines and headaches are brought on by fatigue and the only adequate cure is proper rest. In addition, many people report that their pain doesn't bother them while they sleep and resting can be an excellent way to pass the time until the migraine or headache is gone.

6. Try Drinking Herbal Tea or Other Methods to Relieve Stress

Stress is one of the most common causes of severe migraines and headaches and it is of course not possible to eliminate it from a person's life. However, some people find that drinking herbal tea will help relieve some of the stress that is causing their painful migraine or headache. Many other methods have been proven to be effective in relieving stress and individuals should attempt to figure out what strategies they can use to cope with various stressful situations that they encounter.

7. Exercise

a strong link has been discovered between exercise and the prevention of migraines and headaches. The increased blood flow found in individuals that exercise on a regular basis normally helps them avoid these potentially painful situations. Regular exercise also fights high blood pressure, or hypertension, which has been found to be a common cause of major migraines and headaches.
Because no two patients are exactly the same, some techniques may work better than others for certain individuals. The key to relieving migraines and headaches is to determine which tips are the most effective and then using them anytime the need arises. There are over the counter medications, such as Advil or Tylenol, that are designed to provide relief for minor aches. Stronger prescription medications are also available for individuals that are plagued with migraines and headaches on a regular basis. It is never a bad idea to consult a physician if the pain doesn't go away with the use of these best practices.

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