How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Reaching and maintaining an ideal healthy weight takes discipline and time. This is essential because you maintain a great health and fight diseases easily. The fact remains that persons overweight get easy exposure to heart problems, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnoea, asthma, and osteoarthritis. Learn how to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy it.

Fat Burning Foods for a Healthy Weight

Many may not know that they need the right type of food to lose weight effectively. For that reason, they attempt to eat healthy and exercise, but still gain weight because of the poor quality meals. Here is a food plan that helps increase your metabolism and ultimately experience weight loss.

Try eggs for breakfast - Although this is loaded with cholesterol, it has a high source of protein that allows your body to burn fat easily. If you have high cholesterol, eliminating the yolk and consuming only the egg white reduces cholesterol significantly.

Beans and lean chicken for lunch - Nothing is more enticing and appetizing than eating beans and two pieces of chicken breast for lunch. Stir fry the beans for 3 minutes and once cooked pour olive oil all over to give a final touch. You may bake or steam the chicken breasts, but by all means avoid frying.

Do you smell salmon? - That final touch to complete your day at the dinner table is some deliciously baked salmon. Salmon is another food burner that contains high cholesterol, but eating in small portions keeps that under control. Try blending some nice lemon sauce and spreading it all over the salmon, then prepare to serve.

Low carbohydrate diet

These are low in sugar content and that makes it easier for you to lose weight. The purpose of this is to consume foods that contain low carbohydrates and ultimately this promotes eating healthy. Here is a sample meal plan that reduces carbohydrates significantly.

Stumped on an ideal low carbohydrate breakfast? – Ripe plantain fritters is absolutely delicious and most importantly, it is nutritious. In fact, plantains offer your body low carbohydrates and contain dietary fiber for a healthy lifestyle.

Tuna Salad during break – Stir fry the vegetables and tuna with onions, green peppers, a clove of garlic, and for the daring half of a purple pepper. Tuna is an excellent tool source of protein, contains omega-3 fatty acids and most importantly low carbohydrate elements.

Experimenting with the pastas – Various pastas invite persons to a special death wish for weight gain. However, avoiding excessive cheese and mixture of meats does the trick. Stir fry any amount of vegetables in your pasta; avoid excessive use of cauliflower and broccoli because they have the potential of increasing carbohydrates.

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